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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Openness and Transparency?

In my effort at openness and transparency, I felt obligated to register my campaign with the NH Sec. of State Campaign Finance System way back in July, even when my expenditures were under the $500 requirement to file.  It's all out there for anyone to see.
I find it concerning that Glenn Cordelli has front page ads, videos, signs etc. with the notation " paid for by Glenn Cordelli" or some such  and yet he has not registered on the Campaign Finance System and let the public know where his campaign money came from and where it was spent. Can't find him anywhere.
I can honestly say I have nothing to hide and the public has a right to know how their local candidates are financing their campaign. Shouldn't all candidates?

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Anonymous said...

His video shows only him speaking. Where is the clip of his two temper tantrums?