"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

President -Elect Donald Trump

No matter whether you voted Trump, Clinton, anyone else or didn't vote at all, the end result is still the same: Donald Trump is the President - elect and soon to be leader of the free world. The calls from his transition team and surrogates calling for people to give him a chance and throw their support behind him, is striking many of us as disingenuous and hypocritical considering what the current POTUS and his administration have experienced for eight years. I am not advocating for that as those actions are not what is in the best interests of our country. I am writing this in the hope that we do better this time. That we will put our country first and politics second.
No one can deny that Donald Trump said many, many, outrageous things during this campaign,  and his sudden pivot of now being the President for all Americans is ringing hollow to many, myself included. Those are just words after all. People are concerned and scared, even terrified of the unknown of a Trump Presidency. They are fearful that the nation will regress and his administration will cancel decades of progress.  "Will he really represent me, a person of color, transgender, homosexual, Muslim....?" The jury is still out on that. That is why people are protesting.

Trump has yet to attempt to quell many of those fears by coming before the American people or  composing positive messages. Instead he continues to "Tweet" denigrating comments against any who are critical of him posting a two and a half minute video of his initial plans. Not a promising start.
President Trump will be a work in progress, and we won't know the full measure of the man until he is tested in a crisis where like it or not, the buck stops with him and there is no one left
 to blame any longer if things go bad
 President-elect Trump will soon come to the realization that life for him after being elected is no longer about  name calling , accusations and larger than life promises. President Trump will need to shift to actually delivering on his promises and accepting responsibility and accountability for every action of his administration, good or bad, in the same intense manner as the current administration.   He should expect criticism from all sides at times throughout his tenure in the White House, under the most comprehensive scrutiny imaginable. Will he be able to handle it? Time will tell if he truly does have the character to be a successful President.
Unlike the unprecedented opposition to Obama of the past 8 years, I won't call Trump anything but President Trump after the inauguration and I hope everyone will do the same. He will be our  President, not "your" President as President Obama was often referred to, even by the President -elect. If we don't once again respect the office, and by example, teach our youth to respect the office, we will truly be lost as a nation.
None of this precludes honest dissent, perhaps vehement at times, opposing specific agenda and policy issues. That's how democracy is supposed to work. This article  from the " failing" NY Times "The Art of the Protest" describes how peaceful protests can change policies and how out of power opposition are not powerless.
Just 58 days until the inauguration and the peaceful transition of power. As Donald Trump continues to change the norms of Presidential protocols, the country remains anxious as we await what will happen next and how he intends to keep his promise to represent all Americans.

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Doubter said...

I dunno Paul, Trump is saying some pretty dumb things. Republicans are continually making excuses for him and twisting themselves into a pretzel in doing so. A matter of time before the right and conservatives turn on him. The man is a liar and said whatever he needed to say to get elected.