"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thank You

Well, we gave it our best shot, but yesterday was not our day. I want to thank the many, many volunteers who spent many hours going door to door, on the phones and doing whatever they could to get us elected. Thank you also to all the voters who did vote for me.
 It was always an uphill battle for me in this district and I never really expected to win my race, based upon our three towns party make up, but I did want to call attention to where things need to change and how they need to change. I will continue to do that even more closely these next two years. 

I made many new friends and met a lot of very good and positive people these past five months and life will go on. In June of 2018, God willing, I will be at Town Hall signing up once again. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Senator Elect Maggie Hassan. She joins Jean Shaheen, Carol Shea Porter and Annie Kuster in DC. Thankfully there will checks and balances. I'm proud NH did not give Donald a single electoral vote.

Anonymous said...

All Democratic, all female delegation to Washington in January. NH wins.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are getting a reality check in your fantasy world

Anonymous said...

A democrat won the popular vote for president.Four democrat women going to DC.That is reality.

Linda Punturieri said...

As a Democrat I am not living in a 'fantasy world'. I am and have always been open and respectful to all candidates running for president. I have never witnessed anything like this divisive 'Republican' candidate and now winner ever before. The reality check is with the republican party. They have not been united enough to respect all Americans. Including the ones 'they' don't like. Remember 'we' are a melting pot.Even if it mean people you, anonymous, don't like. 100 years ago, it was the Irish and Italians any others. I am ashamed of the Republican party in this area. People have shunned and discriminated against people in many way with your party. It is shameful.

Anonymous said...

Linda, as an undeclared voter that does not vote along party lines, I am ashamed of members of both parties. I have heard some of the most hateful, intolerant comments from people who claim to be for unity and tolerance, respecting ALL Americans extends to those who supported Trump as well. I don't believe it is fair to paint all of Trump or Clinton supporters with the same brush. There is much to be learned from this election, and while, as in some previous elections, I did not support the ultimate winner, but he is now our president elect and intolerance is certainly not limited to the Republican Party.

Democratic Republican who votes Independent said...

Election Result ..voted by the U.S. Republic... the lesser of two evils.

Now, think about what is good for the Republic, and move the country and Republic forward.

There's no pride in the protests, and "Black Lives Matter", not "All Lives Matter"!

If you believe we're a melting pot (I do) then accept the process. Many did with Obama, as well, though believing he was not the correct one. He is willing and so should we.

Anonymous said...

This country endured 8 yrs of nonstop GOP anti Obama hatred, who took over in the midst of the worst recession in our lifetimes and yet he ended up as one of the most popular presidents ever. He turned the recession around, unemployment is at its lowest point in decades and many other things despite complete opposition to any idea he put forward. Now the GOP wants us to just support our new president when they did all they could to oppose our current one is disgusting.