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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Selectmen Had Nothing to Do with Dollar General Approval

I read earlier on social media a comment that blamed the Selectmen for approving the Dollar General store under construction across from Blake Road. That is untrue. The Board of Selectmen have absolutely no role in the decision process. None. The developers went through the required channels for Zoning Board approval and then Planning Board approvals. Totally out of our hands. To be completely clear on this, the Zoning Board and Planning Board have to follow the law, our zoning ordinance and  site plan regulations.

Do you know who could have had an impact on whether this or similar projects happen or not? You.
The citizens of Moultonboro. I have written about this topic for what seems like a hundred times.
Since 2013, the Planning Board has been at work on revising the Master Plan. Just about every year there are changes proposed to existing ordinances or new ones proposed.
Only a handful of citizens show up for the open meetings, listening sessions and public hearings. The only time the Planning Board sees a large crowd is when there is a public outcry over something  by which time it is usually to late to do anything about it. As I wrote earlier, the Planning and Zoning Boards have to follow the law.
It's easy to blame our elected officials for what you disagree with. Citizens though also have a responsibility, which is to participate and get involved. If you don't, well you only have yourself to blame.
This topic is timely, because there are two Zoning Ordinance amendments up for public hearing on November 9th being held by the Planning Board: ( The text for proposed zoning amendments can be found here on the Town website.)

Adding language relating to and defining Accessory Dwelling Units in accordance with NH RSA 674:71-73- This proposal will amend the Zoning Ordinance by adding a new Article III (M) and amending Article XV that establishes the creation of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) as an accessory use to existing single-family detached dwellings.

 2. Adding language and map creating a Village Center Overlay District (VCOD) - This proposal will amend the Zoning Ordinance by adding a new Article IX-B (The current Article IX, Wetland Resources Conservation Overlay District, will be re-codified to Article IX-A, with Article IX being the general article for overlay districts) that establishes an overlay district to encourage the development of the Moultonborough Village Center in a manner consistent with its historic pattern, including the size and spacing of structures and open spaces. Additionally, including a map which outlines the VCOD with the properties identified in this proposal.

Both these changes are well thought out and the product of a great deal of time, thought and effort by the volunteers on your Planning Board and I support both.

Come out next Wednesday, ask questions, be informed and have your voices heard.
Both changes will be on the ballot in March, so it is important that voters understand the changes and the reasons behind the changes and not vote yes or no based upon hearsay. It's your town after all.

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