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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tuftonboro Cancels Auction of Town Owned Property

Tuftonboro granted authority at their 1994 Town Meeting to allow the Selectmen to dispose of Town property. In 2003, that authority was rescinded by Town Meeting to require a yearly vote by the legislative body. The last yearly vote was 2004 Town Meeting extending this authority until 2005. Mistakes happen, especially with changes in the laws and the wishes of the legislative body. This one looks like it fell through the cracks after the 2004 Town Meeting. 
This is relevant to us because we are about to sell some Town properties. As per Moultonboro's Policy 19 "Sale of Town Property," the legislative body approved warrant article 33 at 2003 Town Meeting adopting the provisions of RSA 41-14:a allowing the sale of land, buildings or both ....without needing subsequent Town Meeting votes. 

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