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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Carroll County Budget Public Hearing Set

Here is a link to the draft Carroll County Commissioner's 2017 Revenue and Expense budget. The Carroll County Independent had this article  on the budget process. The Commissioner's will finalize the budget proposal on December 7th and the Delegation will hold a public hearing on the budget at  9 am on December 15th.
Amount proposed to be raised by taxes is up $226,831 and total budget is proposed for an increase of $784,313. Nursing Home Revenue is proposed to increase by $659,487 over 2016 budget.
Don't get too excited by this yet, as there is a long way to go before the County budget gets approved. It went right down to the wire last year, all the way to the end of March.
The demeanor of the budget process will start to be evident at the December 15th public hearing as to  how adversarial the process will be this time around. Without a change in Delegation leadership, I am not terribly optimistic, but time will tell.
The White Horse Addiction Center  mentioned in the article and for which $75k is being proposed to support it, is "  a faith based, nonprofit Ministry dedicated to providing residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment services for men and women 18 and older which suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. 
On Campus Residential Program - Projected opening 2017.
Men and women will live on a drug and alcohol free campus for 10 months. They learn what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, each other and society in general. White Horse Addiction Center, Inc. strives to regenerate men and women, transforming them away from their former lives immersed in addiction to a life full and free from its bondage."
The Center may be interested in leasing space at the old nursing. I agree with our County Administrator, Ken Robichaud who was quoted in the article.  "This will help our residents in Carroll County who are dying. There is no other place like it in the county… This is a state of emergency. This is for everyone's health." 

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Joseph Cormier said...

Didn't two new Commissioners get elected! They didn't come up with this budget, did they? The former Commissioners still had their say. The voters had their say on the Delegation.

The County has had new guidance at Finance and Administration with the hiring of Mr. Stuart and Mr.Robichaud, a while back. That's the real significant difference in County finance and administration. They are county employees, and are astute enough to recognize that fact, while ,hopefully, diligently, "doing what's right" for the County, as they see it.

All government agency needs to be voter scrutinized, at all levels, and will never(never say never?) please everyone, 100%.

Those of us that don't ever want, nor intend, to seek elected positions, do applaud those that make that commitment, however; for whatever their reasons for running for office.