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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Carroll County Farm Actually Earned a Profit for Taxpayers.

Remember the bogus ad before the November 8th election where the Carroll County Republican committee stated as "fact" that the Carroll County Farm lost $400,000 over six years? Bogus then and more bogus now. ( I'm not sure of the grammar on that, but it sounds good.)
The Carroll County Farm Advisory Committee appointed by the commissioners, has reported after exhaustive investigation and research, that the Carroll County Farm profit, repeat "profit, " for the past two years was just over $10,000. Not a huge amount of money, but a profit nonetheless. The Farm Advisory Committee did an excellent non-partisan job as the commissioners stood back and let them do their work without any interference or attempt to influence their work.
The cries to shut it down and the vote to defund it was based upon misinformation and lack of research. That is little comfort to the long time employee that lost his job because of it.
The proponents who led the charge to shut it down, ( Cordelli, McConkey, Umberger and Avellani)  should now do the right thing, restore funding, and allow a long term plan for the farm to be developed, without further interference. These are things that should have been done in the first place, instead, they chose to lie repeatedly to the public with numbers they knew were false.
At candidates night here in Moultonboro in October, Rep. Crawford stated she was not in favor of closing the farm, Rep. Cordelli on the other hand, continued his belligerence toward the commissioner's and made no such commitment.
There will be two new commissioners and two new delegation members (we need to remember that Moultonboro actually has a third State Representative, William Marsh, who we share as part of a floterial district with a number of other towns) that hopefully, come with fresh ideas and a willingness to work with each other, rather then against. It will be a refreshing change.

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William M Marsh said...

Thank you for the complement Paul! I had not yet been made aware of the Farm Committee report -- hopefully it will put the financial issue to bed. I would still like to see the farm become a better resource for the community, and to that end I have been encouraging more involvement by GALA. Also, given that forestry is a major component of the farm and prices on quality timber have been depressed for years, I remain concerned this focus on short term financials might affect the long term management of the timber.