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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Conway Community Building in Disrepair. Selectmen Exploring Options

The circa 1910 Center Conway Community Building, houses the Conway Parks and Recreation Department and the teen program. They run a full day camp program in the summer as well. Per this article in the Conway Daily Sun, the gym is not air conditioned, the water is not potable, the well has gone dry two of the past three summers. there is no heat in some offices and the gym is not insulated and uses 400-500 gallons of heating oil every two weeks. Due to space issues, porta-potties are needed for the summer camps.
It's not just that the building is old ( originally built as a school) , but it is also that the facility does not meet the needs of the community.  Public school needs in 1910 are not the same as a those of a modern day community building doubling as a recreation center. The choice for Conway residents will be about renovating a facility that sounds as if it will be almost a complete rebuild or to build a new one. The article mentions the possible rental of the empty space at the Kennet Middle School that became available when the new high school was built in 2006. The district offered to rent the almost 22,000 square feet of space for $71, 166 annually. After some additional haggling, the town declined  "based on a number of factors, including increased operating costs, site management concerns and the availability of private funding." 
Sometimes, the needs of the community outgrow a facility, particularly when it was designed for a completely different purpose. It also highlights that saving a little here and there and making do, doesn't work forever, or sometimes even at all, and may actually cost more in the long run and not meet the needs of the public.


Anonymous said...

But first you have to NEED a community center. Moultonborough does NOT. That what this has been about for the past 3 years of defeating the proposal at the Town Hall Meetings.

If the town needs anything, it is a senior center and meeting rooms. This can easily be done by expanding the Lions Club at a much reduced price than a new facility. Forget the Gym. We do not need one and the cost gets prohibitive. The population in Moultonborough is 60% seniors! Does that tell you anything about the needs of this community?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Your are incorrect on a number of things. Moultonboro is not "60%" seniors. Even using a very generous definition of seniors as being 55 and older, the actual number is 48%. Very few would call someone under 60 as a senior citizen so the actual percentage is probably even less than 48%. Google it.
No matter what you have been told by members of the community, there is a need for gym space and it is not just for youth. The Lions Club is not easily expanded as you suggest.