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Friday, January 27, 2017

A recent comment

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why no comments allowed on your re-election post??? If you want our support, you will strongly advocate for eliminating the changes to Policy #2......that are driven by our new DPW director and not what the Planning Board was even asking for....see their recent tape. Remember, the current policy #2 has been in effect for over 23 years and I do not recall any major issues with private roads during this time period. So changes are not needed after 23 years. You must also STRONGLY advocate for continued plowing of private roads and ensuring that the DPW director does the correct job and not just a wink at the issue. We are all watching your response to this MAJOR issue across the town. If you want to represent ALL citizens, then this is one issue you need to stand up to and fix !!!!!!!!
My response: I can only speak for myself as an individual selectman on this issue. I have said publicly for a while now,  that I support the town continuing to plow private roads. Moultonboro is unique in that we have so many more miles of private vs public roadways and many people that live off those roads pay a large portion of our tax levy. This is not driven by the DPW Director. The town has an obligation to do due diligence when clearly in the news other towns and cities are facing similar challenges. 
Please also note that policy # 2 is totally unrelated to the issue of plowing private roads. 

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