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Monday, January 2, 2017

Adele Taylor Property Committee

There was some discussion at the last BoS meeting for potential uses for the town owned Taylor property in the village and a brief mention of the committee that studied potential uses for the property prior to 2014 Town Meeting. The report  (Adele Taylor Property Use Committee Final Report) was presented to the BoS in December of 2013.
The committee came up with four themes or categories of use:

  • Access/Egress to School District Property 
  • Multi-Purpose Community Building  
  • Green Open Space with possible multi-use of property 
  • Reuse of Existing Buildings “ Commercial or Public”
The committee also determined that "... the use list and themes that developed, were not prioritized in any manner and that all uses were captured and documented. All are an integral part of this report. Lastly, the property is well suited for combining any number of uses and it is not the intention of this study to suggest that there is only a single potential use for the property."

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