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Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Carroll County Delegation Budget Subcommittee Assignments

It is that time of year again. All committee meetings are open to the public and should be properly noticed as to when they will be meeting. The first name on each committee listed will chair the committee.
One of our two new delegation members, Rep. Marsh, who is a physician is a logical fit for the nursing home, but I would have also included Rep. Knirk, who is also a physician on that same committee. Just seems to make sense to me to have your most informed individuals at the table.
Public Works encompasses the County Farm and I find it challenging to accept that the most vocal
opponents of the farm comprising the subcommittee, will fairly consider its future. I would certainly question the accuracy of any numbers they present to bolster their case to close the farm considering how they cooked the books in the past. ( Maybe they should fund a forensic audit on how they arrived at those bogus numbers?)
Lastly, the Delegation has asked the county to re-look at the budget considering there are two new commissioners and to present a budget that is no higher than last years budget. That may be a challenge. At yesterdays executive committee meeting that met to approve line item transfers, Rep. Avellani voted against transferring $25K to the propane line item to pay for increased fuel usage due to the colder temperatures.What is the alternative?  It is precisely that kind of misguided thinking that should be of concern to taxpayers.

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