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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Carroll County Farm Turned $30,000 Profit Over Past Two Years

The full story can be found here in today's Conway Daily Sun

Per the Farm Committee final report,  "On an annual basis, farm operations reduce the cost of DPW operations by approximately $37,833.20."

Facts and research are a good thing, unlike the "alternative facts" that Glenn Cordelli and then delegation chair Karen Umberger presented numerous time that the farm was losing in excess of $400,000. Along with current delegation chair Mark McConkey, they made closing the farm a top priority last year without even a cursory review of it's operations. 

The farm does need to evolve, but in a logical and sensible manner. The commissioners and administration held firm and used their authority to appoint the committee and the results were outstanding. 

The delegation needs to listen to all constituents and all sides of issues and not base decisions solely on the ideology of " cut,cut, cut." Each need to remember that they were elected to represent about 3,000 citizens apiece in the towns in their district, That should always be their number one priority, not some out of state organizations and special interests. 

They should also apologize to the long time County employee who was let go due to their irrational budget cut, and to the citizens of Carroll County for misleading them in order to justify their votes.


Moultonboro Blogger said...

Farm Committee minutes and report can be found here:

Joseph Cormier said...

I've not delved much, into the weeds, of the county financial reporting, since the hiring of the County Administrator and Finance Director, but on its face, MS-46 numbers (these anyway) don't support profit vs. loss. Whatever means or criteria, used by those reporting, to produce these numbers, don't indicate profit.

I accept that different years produce different profit/loss scenarios. However, based on the fiasco of County financial management(or lack of), including the $14 million "typo" I exposed in the past, and reported at a Delegation/Commissioner meeting, lends little credence to numbers prior to the new hires of County Administrator and the new Finance Director. Taking a look at the incompetence or mismanagement of others, if the past is a different issue.

County farm:
For 2015, why does it show revenue of $143,210 and expense of $398,260 for a loss of $255,050.

For 2016, revenue of $65,000 and expense of $190,854; looks like a loss of $125,854

I'm not siding with anyone, only trying to understand the math ... or the lingo!



Thank you for posting the Farm Committee minutes site.

Joseph Cormier said...


I used the wrong number in my previous note for the expenses of 2015. It is $245,379, not $398,260. The loss is $102,169.

Account # 4309 for expenses and Acct. # 3405 for revenue was used.

Joseph Cormier said...

I don't mean to monopolize this thread, but was just looking at the committees' rational for showing a profit. I don't think it would pass muster with FASB, nor most financial/accounting courses, nor business practices.


Total expenses DPW Wood Hay Berries
$200,013.40 $150,414.85 $34,497.89 $14,826.29 $274.46

Total Revenues
Total Rev. DPW Wood Hay Berries
$62,481.62 $3,297.67 $36,261.45 $22,218.50 $704.00

Total DPW Wood Hay Berries
-$137,531.87 -$147,117.18 $1,763.56 $7,392.21 $429.54

Looking at that presentation, DPW should be worried, not just the farm ... or all of the above!

It's snowing outside as I write this ... Hmmm!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The analysis was also based on items not found on a ledger, such as the amount of hours DPW workers spend on the farm vs other duties.

"The committee's numbers are based on fiscal years. It said that over 2015 and 2016, the farm bore $118,713 in personnel and operating costs. Farm revenues from sales of hay, wood, vegetables and blueberries came to $146,437. If one includes money generated from timber sales and donations of vegetables and blueberries to the nursing home and food pantries, the farm generated total revenue of about $165,000.

The farm is staffed by members of the Carroll County Public Works Department. In April of last year, the committee asked DPW's two staff members to keep track of how many hours they spent on the farm and how many on DPW activities like outdoor maintenance. The study found that about 85 percent of the employees' time was spent on DPW projects. The percentage from 2015 was extrapolated from 2016 data. In 2015, there were two full-time and one part-time DPW positions."