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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Change to Right to Know Law Effective January 1st.

HB 1418 was passed last year and it clarifies certain information which is to be included in the minutes of non public sessions under the right-to-know law.
HB 1419, along with HB 1418, also passed last year, requires voting records in non public sessions of public bodies to be recorded in the minutes. 
Together, the public will be guaranteed a minimum of information in the minutes of non public meetings of public bodies. In summary, the minutes shall include the names of members, persons appearing before the public bodies, and a brief description of the subject matter discussed and final decisions. These minutes shall also record the vote of each member on each action taken.

Nothing in the two bills changes how, when or if, non public minutes are released or what legally constitutes a non public session. 

These changes will likely not be noticeable to the public, but I can see an advantage for the public bodies as they review the non public minutes for possible release. The context, motions and participants will make this review a bit easier for the public body that reviews them to determine if they should be released.  


Foe Expanded Right to Know said...

I hope the non-public statutorily required minutes will appear on line. If not, one of our legislators should sponsor legislation to require such.

For one, I would like to know what the BoS has been cooking up for private roads for the 2017-18 winter season.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The two issues are not related. Discussion of plowing private roads are in the public minutes at various times the past few months. If you (for one) would like to know, read the minutes or watch the video.

Non public minutes that have not been released will remain non public, per current law.