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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Donor Town Tax On the Horizon? Please Email the Committee

CACR 7 (Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution 7): "This constitutional amendment concurrent resolution provides that the general court shall have the authority to define standards for education, establish standards of accountability, and mitigate local disparities in educational opportunity and fiscal capacity, and have full discretion to determine the amount of state funding for education."

This is currently in the NH House Education Committee ( a hearing was held today) and the wording I highlighted above is an amendment submitted today that brings the specter of donor town tax back on the front burner. 
The Coalition Communities, of which we are a member, represent the towns and cities that were impacted by the donor town tax, that just a few years ago caused drastic increases in our portion of the state education property tax to subsidize places like Claremont and other less property rich municipalities in NH. " "Between 1999-2005, New Hampshire communities with high property values were forced to "donate" $160.7 million of their residents' tax dollars to other municipalities, many with higher median incomes."
NH determined that towns that were not funding to the “minimal” level would be helped out by getting money from the ones that were exceeding their level.  Like Moultonboro. Imagine your tax rate increasing all of a sudden by 30-40% . 
Please send an email to NH House Education Commission Chair Ladd and House Education Committee members at HouseEducationCommittee@leg.state,nh.us urging them to vote CACR 7 Inexpedient to Legislate. 

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