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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Edelblut NH Department of Educaiton Confirmation Hearing January 31st in Executive Council Chambers at 1 pm

The public is welcome to attend and testify in person or by written statements.
Is Frank Edelblut qualified to head the NH Department of Education?
RSA 21-N:3, I states in relevant part, “…The commissioner and deputy commissioner shall be qualified to hold their positions by reason of education and experience.”

The specific duties of the Commissioner of Education are outlined in law at RSA 21-N:4 Duties of Commissioner. The Commissioner needs to be qualified in order to efficiently and effectively run the NH Department of Education and support schools across the state.
Can Frank Edelblut do that? I think not. While he has admirably home schooled his children, he has zero experience with public education. He will be representing about 180,000 public school students and 15,000 educators.
According to this article in The Sentinel: "A background in business is not sufficient for running a statewide department overseeing a sector that operates under myriad state and federal laws and regulations, one in which collectively bargained contracts vary from district to district and which is perpetually underfunded in many communities." 

Here is the contact information for NH's five Executive Council members. While emails are useful, the best way to get their attention is to call them and leave a message. Please take the time to make a few calls before the hearing on January 31st.

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