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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Moultonboro Conservation Commission Presents Natural Resources Inventory

The Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) was completed by FB Environmental Services of Portland  Maine and be found here on the Towns website.
"A natural resources inventory (NRI) is a document that identifies and describes important naturally-occurring resources within a given locality via written descriptions of resources, maps, and associated documentation of mapped data. A comprehensive NRI provides the basis for land conservation planning and facilitates the incorporation of natural resources information into local land-use planning and zoning."

Some highlights:

  • There are currently 14,100 acres of conserved land within the town
  •  Much of this conserved land is in the higher-elevation portions of the town, namely the Ossipee Mountains and Red Hill. Conservation land is underrepresented in lower-elevation portions of the town, where development is most prominent.
  • Nine contiguous priority conservation areas were identified in total: Moultonborough Neck Marsh, Moultonborough Neck, Mud Pond, Moultonborough Bay, Lee’s Pond, Cross Property, Berry Pond, Balmoral, and Shannon Brook.
  • These Priority conservation areas represent lower-elevation portions of the town and encompass much of the town’s mapped wetlands and streams
  • The greatest threat to the natural resources and ecology of Moultonborough is habitat loss/alteration resulting from poorly-planned development.
  • Careful attention to growth in Moultonborough will help to ensure sound stewardship of the town’s natural resources.
A lot more good information in the NRI and if you have any questions, comments or want further information, please contact the Moultonboro Conservation Commission

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