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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Carroll County Budget: No Increase in Taxes, County Farm Future in Doubt

This mornings Conway Daily Sun reports that the 2017 county budget will be flat with no increase in taxes. Delegation Chair McConkey made that statement at the beginning of the meeting. The bulk of the meeting it appears was consumed by the ongoing county farm saga, The Delegation ( made up of the 15 NH House Reps. for Carroll County) agreed to fund a feasibility study with $10,000 taken from the DPW budget to be placed in a contingency fund. Any money withdrawn from the fund would need approval by the Delegation.
I will say again as it is necessary as a reminder as to how the county got to this juncture and who got us here, is that a handful of our Delegation members, led by Cordelli, McConkey and Avellani, wanted to defund the farm without any study of any kind. The budget was eventually slashed in half and a 20 year county employee was let go. . It is not rocket science to do a feasibility study before making such decisions...unless your motivation was simply to put the farm out of business  on the ideology of " cut, cut, cut" no matter the consequences. There are far more constituents in the county in favor of the farm than those that oppose it. The Delegation ignored them.
Whether the farm continues to operate as it is currently structured is really not the key issue. It can and should evolve, but it takes leadership that is visionary and respectful of all it's constituents, not just those that support their ideology.
The budget was not completed yesterday and will be taken up again on March 13 by the Delegation.

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County Delegation meeting from 2/27/17. [Part 1] The Delegation met to review the 2017 County budget. They met at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 9:00 am. Delegation members: Glenn Cordelli, Ed Comeau, Bill Nelson Karen Umberger, Mark McConkey, Ed Butler, Gene Chandler, Steve Schmitt, Jerry Knirk, Karel Crawford,

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