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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Carroll County Delegation DPW Subcommittee Misguided Cuts?

At the January 30th DPW Delegation subcommittee meeting, there were extensive discussions on the farm and the public works in general, and it seems that there is a concerted effort to reduce DPW staff and funding.
The county did a lease purchase four year ago for a wood processor on a five year lease to own program.

As it appears unlikely that the county will continue in the wood processing business without funding, the subcommittee on a motion by Glenn Cordelli, voted unanimously to defund  the last lease payment due this coming July for $9,800. At that point, the county is obligated to ship back the processor to Michigan at our cost. If we fail to return the equipment they will repossess it. 
During the meeting, County Administrator Ken Robichaud mentioned that the resale value of the wood processor, which has been maintained in excellent condition, is two to three times the value of the last lease payment. It would seem to be a no brainer that making the last payment so that processor can be sold for maybe $20,000 more would be a wise investment. In the haste to cut costs, this seems to have been overlooked by the subcommittee. 
The committee will meet again on February 13th. 

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Anonymous said...

Would not their time be better spent on voter suppression. It's all the rage with our state leaders lately.