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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Carroll County Delegation to Meet Monday at 9am to Finalize County Budget.

The Carroll County Delegation will meet  Monday, February 27, 2017 at 9:00 a.m., to work on the 2017 CountyBudget and the 2017 TAN(Tax Anticipation Note). The meeting will take place in the Carroll County Administration Building, Delegation Room, at 95 Water Village Road, Route 171, Ossipee, New Hampshire.
As per the meeting announcement "All citizens are invited to attend and ask questions."

Among the items to be discussed:

  • The status of the " special audit" that the Commissioners proposed at a cost of $20k as opposed to the exorbitant and unnecessary $139K + that some of the Delegation Executive Committee were pushing. 
  • The TAN has been renegotiated at a lower interest rate and will save about $58k, but still costs taxpayers about $142,000. Perhaps the County going to a twice yearly tax collection would be a wise investment. 
  • The DPW subcommittee made the correct decision to pay the last lease payment on the wood processor ( $9,800) , but will recommend that the unit be put out to bid and sold after the last of the existing wood has been cut for cord wood. This puts the County out of the wood processing business.
  • The DPW subcommittee will recommend that the County cease water testing ($1,000) a voluntary requirement ( what is a "voluntary requirement" anyway?) as there has not been a " problem" in the past. $1,000 is short money to assure that the water supply is safe. 
  • The DPW budget proposed by the subcommittee is $51K lower than the Commissioner's request. This will have the effect of eliminating one of the two full time DPW staff and killing the County farm, despite the report of the Commissioner's subcommittee. 

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William M Marsh said...

Thank you for the heads up on the water testing Paul -- that one I had not heard and would not have been prepared for.

One of the hats I wear is health officer for Brookfield. NH DES does recommend water testing intervals: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/pip/factsheets/dwgb/documents/dwgb-2-1.pdf

Clearly it would be imprudent to test less frequently than DES recommends. Fortunately, none of the situations where more frequent testing is recommended seem to apply.