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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Incompetence is not the norm.

Town Policy # 1, Private Roads has been in effect since 1992 and reviewed in 2006. It states in part private subdivision roads of more then three lots will be provided with snow removal and sanding as per the Town budget. Three lots or less are considered to be driveways and will not receive snow removal and sanding services will not be provided.

Further, the policy states that the roads must meet minimum specifications as outlined in the Moultonborough subdivision regulations  ( Found here page 22 Section 7.2.)
Policy # 1 is not mentioned or referenced in the Subdivision Regulations. It doesn't need to be. The Subdivision Regulations in part, govern the construction of new subdivision roads and only the Planning Board has authority to apply them.  Policy # 1 merely outlines which private roads qualify to be plowed and will be funded by the Town budget under the authority of the Selectmen. Its really not that complicated.

To rephrase a portion of a  recent email and as to why this post was written in the first place: "Incompetence is not the norm,  nor do we volunteer data nor information, that is then demonstrated to be false, or  fail to comprehend the questions, or provide the town stance on issues, with no authority to do so. "

Hurling insults and attempting to demean hardworking and very competent Town employees as well as  many volunteer elected board members is inappropriate and insulting. 

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