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Saturday, February 11, 2017

On behalf of the taxpayers of Moultonborough

( This letter ( bold is mine) was sent to our three NH House Legislators by our Town Administrator Walter Johnson. Rep. William Marsh responded positively. Please contact Rep. Crawford and Rep. Cordelli  and urge them to support this bill.)

I would like to bring to your attention HB 413 which recently came out of the Executive Department and Administration Committee with a Ought to Pass recommendation and will be coming before the House soon for a vote.

Passage of HB 413 will reduce the employee retirement cost to the Town and School District of Moultonborough by several thousands of dollars.

As you may know, the State reneged on its commitment to NH towns, cities, school districts and counties in 2007 when they no longer funded a promise contribution of  a 35% share into the State retirement system. This promise was made in order to entice cities, towns, school districts and counties to require their full time employees to join the State retirement system to expand and strength the system. Over the past nine years the taxpayers of Moultonborough have been forced to make up the difference totaling more than $900,000!

In 2007 it was represented to the cities, towns, school districts and counties that the suspension of the State’s contribution was due to the decline in the economy and the impact it was having on the State’s revenue. I believe the economy crisis is over and the State should at least reinstate the proposed 15% share if not the entire 35%.

I respectfully request your support of HB 413 on behalf of the taxpayers of the Town of Moultonborough.

Respectfully submitted,


Walter P. Johnson
Town Administrator
Town of Moultonborough

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