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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Roundtable of Neighboring Selectboards Well Attended

I don't believe that this type of meeting has occurred in our region in the past, where Selectboard representatives from seven towns, Wolfeboro to Meredith, gathered together just to chat and seek areas of common interest. I would call it a success as the attendees all agreed to meet again on April 11th in Tuftonboro. The video stream can be found here.
( Notes from the meeting can be found here on the Town website.)
Among the topics discussed was the next chapter of our Master Plan , Economic Development . The area under focus will be around the Center Harbor -Moultonboro town line and Harry Veins from the Center Harbor BoS was enthusiastic in his support of participating with us in this effort.
A great deal of discussion centered around who we are as a region and how we can join forces to influence our county governments and Concord. I made mention of the fact that three of the towns present, Moultonboro, Tuftonboro and Wolfeboro, pay about 50% of the Carroll County tax levy. (The actual percentage is pretty close, at 47%.)
Lloyd Wood of Tuftonboro made the suggestion that we ask the county to collect taxes twice per year and thereby reduce or eliminate the need to borrow money with a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) with about $200,000 in interest payments. Moultonboro Town Administrator Walter Johnson advised that it may not be advantageous for Moultonboro as we sit on over $3 million awaiting the county tax bill earning interest.

The next meeting will focus on something actionable as a " proof of concept" which will be attempting to join forces in an effort to reduce electricity rates. Each town will bring their current rate information to next meeting.
This effort was a very good example of Moultonboro working  toward the future and looking at new and innovative ways to improve services and save money.