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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Two out of Three of Our State Representatives Vote on Behalf of Local Taxpayers. Rep. Cordelli Didn't

As a follow up to " On Behalf of Moultonboro taxpayer",  I'm happy to report that HB 413 passed the NH House overwhelmingly today 267 to 83. Rep. Crawford and Rep. Marsh voted Yea. Rep. Cordelli voted Nay.
The downshifting of retirement contributions began in 2009 when state contributions were reduced from 35% to 30% and finally in 2011, reforms to the public pension system eliminated entirely the state’s share of retirement contributions. That property tax increase cost Moultonboro taxpayers about  $900,000.
So why would one of our three Representatives vote against a bill that would reduce our property taxes and reduce downshifting of state obligations?
Rep. Thomas Southworth (d) Strafford had this to say in a letter in Fosters.com: "Many legislators have signed pledges with outside groups to reduce state government and revenue regardless of the consequences for NH residents. These groups, such as Americans for Prosperity, track the votes and rate representatives negatively if they vote the "wrong" way." 
Americans for Prosperity gave Cordelli a 100% A+ rating.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Tough room. Glen Cordelli did represent his constituencies political philosophies on this issue. Yes I realize that there are contracts to satisfy, however, I work my fingers to the bone 6 1/2 days a week, pay my taxes and will never receive a nickels worth of retirement that I don't put away myself. In my opinion, simply having a job working for the tax-payers does not entitle you to anything more that a fair wage for honest work performed. Perhaps it is time to re-negotiate the contracts. Or privatize all of it. Better efficiency with competition, think Capitalism....

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The issue isn't about the retirement system for public employees, it's about putting ideology ahead of the interests of the three towns he is supposed to represent. Nearly $1 million since 2009 is not pocket change.

Bob Dunn said...

Some people put opinions and ideology ahead of facts.
Sadly, today, facts are looked upon with disdain.