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Friday, March 31, 2017

BoS Work Session March 30th 2017 Highlights

( Note: A work session is still a public meeting under the Right to Know law and the BoS can conduct any business that comes before it and is not legally required to post an agenda. Voting at work sessions doesn't usually occur as that has been the choice of the BoS, but yesterday was unusual, as the BoS have not met in two weeks and will not meet again until April 13th so business and votes yesterday were legally conducted.)

Lindsey Bliznik for the Moultonborough Academy after prom committee, requested  $2,800 ( same as last year) for this years after prom event. 86% of eligible students attended this event last year.
The committee received a very generous $3,000 donation from a local business and raised $700 in other fundraising.  They are hoping to raise more than is needed this year so that they don't have to start from zero every year. The BoS approved the $2,800 request and the money will be withdrawn from the Community Drug and Alcohol Prevention Fund

Chief Wetherbee reviewed the seasonal speed limit request by Sandwich for our portion of  Squam Lake Road. NH DOT is posting the Sandwich portion at a reduced speed for the summer season. Chief Wetherbee saw no need to also reduce our portion from the current 40 mph.

Recreation Department Director Donna Kuethe spoke of the history of the Playground Drive facility,and that it is coming up on its 40 year anniversary. In view of that and the the fact that some people are not even aware that it is down there, a Playground Drive Anniversary Celebration will be scheduled for July 15th ( rain date July 16th.) In addition, the land was donated by the Kraine family years ago, and Donna requested that the BoS consider renaming the facility "Kraine Meadow Park" and that a sign be erected and placed in a visible location. The BoS approved the ideas and Donna will provide some cost estimates for the sign.

Storm damage update- damage to Town property was significant. There was considerable electronic damage to the Life Safety Building including some very expensive overhead door motors. Primex , our insurance carrier is looking at it. The generator was damaged by the blizzard wind that drove snow into the intakes shorting out everything electronic, and causing it to fail. It may need to be replaced. The Life Safety Building did have a main line surge protector, but the many fluctuations in voltage were not able to be handled. There was roof damage to just about all Town owned buildings. The BoS will look into removing the hanging trees on the Taylor property as well as the one that landed on the Bank of NH property and getting bids to remove the downed trees. The Taylor roof will be repaired and closed up, but not replaced.
An attempt is being made to declare this storm a disaster as it appears to exceed the threshold of $1 million in damages, mostly from the cost to repair and restore utilities.

Plowing Private Roads- the Town continues to work with counsel. They believe that the legislative process is a good one. In the interim, the process to declare  private roads as emergency lanes to allow plowing and sanding to continue has begun. The DPW director will  look at each road individually and then there will be a public hearing process before declaring these private and Class VI roads as emergency lanes.

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