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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Carroll County Expenditures for 2017 to Increase by $440,715.

At the March 23rd Carroll County Delegation meeting, members approved total expenditures of $30,512,138 for 2017.  That is $440,715 or 1.5% more than 2016. The budget has not yet been finalized and there was no discussion on March 23rd about the amount to be raised by taxes or if the tax rate will be offset by a portion of the general fund balance.  The budget by law has to be approved by the end of March.
There was general consensus at the end of the meeting that things were greatly improved in terms of the relationship between the Delegation, Commissions and Administration. Delegation Chair McConkey made a point of saying " we're on the right track."

There was a brief discussion concerning 2016 encumbrances and the 2016 audit which has not yet been completed. Per RSA 28:3, audits must be completed within 90 days of the close of the fiscal year. Funds that are encumbered are reserved for specific transactions and cannot be used for anything else and are not included in the general fund balance.
It is unclear as to when the Delegation will next meet to finalize the budget.

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