"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 23, 2017

“It’s time that New Hampshire step up and move forward with something that probably should’ve been done a long time ago,”Gov. Sununu

That was in reference to New Hampshire House budget writers deciding to not fund full day kindergarten for some NH public schools. The amount the Governor requested was $9 million targeted to cities and towns with a high percentage of English language learners or low-income students. It would take approximately $14 million to fund full day kindergarten for all public schools. School districts currently get one half the per -student aid whether they run full or half day programs.

In the same session, they also cut $5 million from a proposed higher education scholarship fund, but increased spending for charter schools.

The question to ask our Legislators is: where are your priorities? If we truly want NH to attract young people and if we truly want to make higher education affordable, we need to make these small steps forward. Study after study shows that full day kindergarten greatly improves learning success in the future, Why are we not investing in our children and making that a priority?

With all the blather about " education freedom" and "school choice", it makes one wonder about just how sincere some in Concord are about offering our youth an opportunity for a quality education. To some, it is ideologically preferable to divert much needed funding from our already existing system of public education, than to actually work to improve what has worked in this country for a few hundred years.
I find it illogical and quite disingenuous to fight against any government intrusion into our lives and into our pockets, but gleefully encourage the same government to take our tax dollars and give it away to other unknown citizens to support sending their kids to a private school. Makes no sense.

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