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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Moultonboro Select Board Reorganizes

The BoS this afternoon conducted their annual reorganization. Following are the new appointments:

Chris Shipp- Chair
Jean Beadle- Vice Chair

Committee/Liaison Assignments:

Chris Shipp- Liaison to Recreation Department, Public Safety, Recreation Advisory Board and School Board/BoS subcommittee

Russ Wakefield- Liaison to Development Services, Planning Board, Coalition of Communities

Jean Beadle- Liaison to Finance/Administration, ABC, CIPC

Josh Bartlett-  Planning Board alternate, Lakes Region Planning Commission ( Note: there is no opening on the LRPC. Scott Bartlett, Planning Board Chair was appointed a few months ago to take my place when my term expired and Barbara Perry was also reappointed to fill our two seats.)

Joel Mudgett- Liaison to the Public Works Department, Heritage Commission, School Board/ BoS subcommittee..

Master Plan Steering Committee- no appointment made.

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