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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Statement At Candidates Night

Thank you all for coming out tonight. And thank you to the Lions Club, the Moultonboro Parent Teachers Association, Harry Blood and Sally Carver for putting this together.

Its been three years already. They say time flies when you are having fun. And for the most part, it has been fun.
We continue to move forward and we’re in a very good place as a town.
There have been some challenges however.
We hired a new town administrator, a new town counsel, still looking to hire a new town planner, and after town meeting direction last year, we for the first time appointed a director of public works. Most recently, our town assessor announced his retirement. 
Despite these changes and other challenges, I’m happy to say that Moultonboro is in excellent shape.
Our town tax rate is down 8 cents. Net appropriations were down 8.2% almost $627,000 below last year.
We’ve developed a strong collaborative relationship with the school district .We have also strengthened our  relationship with the library board of trustees.
We now have a select board that is less reactive to one that is much more proactive, a board that plans for the future and prioritizes its goals and objectives. Some of the things talked about for years were finally accomplished, such as a merit pay system for town employees and single stream recycling.
We have also undertaken some innovative initiatives the past few years, such as establishing a vision for the town, creating annual goals and objectives, developing a work plan for the year, and we held two conventions of town committees.
Something I’m very excited about is that we recently organized and hosted a meeting with select board representatives of six neighboring towns. The conversation of how we can better work together as a Lakes Region community to increase efficiency and improve services, has finally begun. I am excited to continue to help move Moultonboro forward into the future.

Selectmen are non-partisan. Volunteers. There is no party affiliation, only a willingness to serve.
I am confident that the decisions I have made over the past three years, reflect my ability to be impartial, fair and to listen to all sides, before arriving at a conclusion.

I respectfully ask for your vote on March 14th for re-election, to keep Moultonboro moving forward. 
Paul T. Punturieri

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Anonymous said...

Paul, over the last 3 years I have been impressed with your ability to look at all of the facts surrounding issues and make informed decisions. While I have not always agreed with those decisions, you have proved to be well prepared and not afraid to change your positions when faced with all of the information. You will have my vote!