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Friday, March 24, 2017

Open Letter to Rep. Ed Comeau

Dear Rep. Comeau;

Enough already.  Enough wasting administrative time and resources on the “ dental for the dead” witch hunt. This article in the Conway Daily Sun indicates that you continue to pursue this dead end. You requested 3,000 documents, many of which either don’t exist, were long ago destroyed under records retention policies or are protected by HIPAA.  When the county explained this to you, your quoted response was: “ They are hiding information.”  
The problem was brought to light by the NH DRA in the process of their review of the county over the summer of 2015. At the October 19th 2015 Delegation meeting it was noted by NH DRA that the county human resources generalist has a full accounting of the depth of monetary impact of this problem and noted the generalist has resolved the problem. In September 2013, the monthly dental bill was $11,197.67 per month. After clean up by November 2015, it was reduced to $7,326.34 per month. The approval process has been addressed and now involves three sets of eyes: a human resources generalist, finance manager, and an accounting department manager now approve all coverage payments. Newlin was also able to recoup about $18,500 from the insurance company under the three-month rule that allows employers to correct mistakes up to three months and receive a credit.
Ed, there is no there, there. There is no more money to be refunded or returned. The problem was fixed  long ago. As a Moultonboro tax payer, for  every dollar spent on this “ investigation,”  .23 cents comes from our county tax bill. 
In fairness to taxpayers and in a spirit of openness and transparency, please let us know exactly how much money you have spent to date on this issue, itemize what it was spent on and the source of the funds. Was it your personal funds or did others contribute?  The public has right to know wouldn’t you agree?
Commissioner Hounsel was also quoted in the article: "Those types of things (Comeau's request) are good for remedying situations so they won't occur in the future, but there's also a thing as when something is dead and buried don't dig it up and look at it again. If there were mistakes made, we have to acknowledge and move forward, but to carry that dead body on our back is kind of silly."

Silly indeed.


Paul Punturieri

Moultonborough, NH 

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