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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Selectmen Control the Weather, Internet and Electricity

Yes it was all a conspiracy. When the Selectboards of Lakes region towns all met, we turned off the cameras and decided to have a Nor'easter on Tuesday and shut down cable and power just to keep everyone in the dark before Town Meeting. Someone actually wrote to us suggesting that we are withholding information.
Always someone who thinks there is a conspiracy afoot. Did that person consider that Town Hall also did not have internet? Whining about election results not being posted looses focus on what is really important: public safety. Sad commentary that even in a situation where we experienced the worst storm in many years, an extremely dangerous set of conditions, some still feel the need to criticize without any facts.
Our police, fire, DPW and private contractors  all worked their butts off in very difficult conditions as did the utility company crews, to restore service and keep us safe. We are grateful for their service.
(A shout out to the Village Kitchen for offering free meals to utility workers. Nice gesture.)
Yes many properties were damaged including the Taylor building, and I sincerely hope that all damage is repaired quickly so that people can get back to normal.


Anonymous said...

What damage occurred to the Taylor building? I can wait until Saturday, if need be, to find out.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Roof shingles , half a dozen trees uprooted

Arborist said...

Unfortunately, the tress fell in the opposite direction, from which they would have done the most good.