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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, March 11, 2017

"There are 234 communities in New Hampshire and there are 234 public libraries. Nobody else can make that claim. Not McDonald’s, not 7-11, not Dunkin Donuts.”NH State Librarian Michael York

The nations first State Library was founded right here in New Hampshire almost 300 years ago with just two books and a proclamation by the NH general assembly. 
Peterborough NH is home to another national first, the nations first local public library, which opened in 1833. 
NHPR has the full story and it makes for some fascinating reading as well as a 360 degree virtual tour video. 


Fred Van Magness said...

Libraries are a vibrant part of communities and place people visit. Seems to me the town needs to think about incorporating any future community center as an attachment to the current library and on town land between the library/town hall and the PSB. Obviously this may be just a large function room and kitchen, etc., but might exclude a gym. It makes sense to introduce this thought instead of a buildout of other properties. Just think of how this might bring folks together for a more reasonable cost and keep activities centralized.

Fred Van Magness said...

Just think of this.....a community center that starts with a bridged glass area between it and the library, with similar architecture to the library on the main floor. Then, because of the unique site characteristics, build a deep foundation basement that could accommodate a basket ball court and two or three pickle ball courts as dual use of the lower level. Then the main floor would have a large open room and a commercial kitchen. Could be kept separate when library is closed.....via doors on bridged connector. Second phase would be to sell the Taylor property to a developer with the caveat via an overlay that it be redeveloped into a townhouse condo development of 20 + units (maybe more if developed under two phased based on sales) that would be affordable housing in the under $200-250,000 area....some two and some three bedrooms. As part of this, the Taylor home would be required to be redeveloped as well, with maybe a few condo units or mixed use with a fitness center on he lower level. Get creative. Would retain a historic property and provide very affordable and much needed housing for the community to attract new families. A win/win, plus tax revenue. The town needs to get creative !!!!!!! Bring developers in and ask for their unsolicited proposals to develop townhouses.....