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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 20, 2017

Three of Five

I don't have the final count of attendees for Town Meeting, but the highest vote total on the tallied votes was 220.  Roughly 5% of registered voters. Considering the weather event this week and the aftermath plus the lack of any controversial events on the warrant, it is not surprising.
Even so, voter passed a $7.5 million budget without any comment other than the few about the " hearts and flowers."
It was perplexing though to see Article 15 (petitioned) to rescind the authority given to the BoS in 2003 to  acquire or sell land, buildings, or both pursuant to RSA 41:14-a. There was no logical or reasonable reason to even present that article.
In addition to containing a serious legal error, the petitioned article and discussion omitted that the written petition of 50 registered voters presented to the selectmen, prior to the selectmen's vote to buy or sell, would require the selectmen to place the question on the warrant. A "special meeting" was mentioned ( and yes many of us do know how to call a special meeting) , but there would be no need for it unless the BoS needed to make a fairly quick decision on a potential deal. The fail safe was still there, but voters were not made aware of that.
Th argument made in support of the article by the lead petitioner, was that only three selectmen ( a majority of the BoS) could sell town land or buildings was specious at best. A majority of duly elected selectmen whether it be three of five, or two of three, are empowered to make many decisions on behalf of the town. That is why they are in office. That is how towns are run.
Time now to move on to whatever the future of the two properties that were the real target of this article, the Lions Club and the Taylor Property, may be.

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