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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 20, 2017

Time for " Selectperson"

A quick random post. Isn't it time that the powers that be in Concord put forth legislation that removes gender from public office titles? Many women serve on select boards so why not address them  ( officially and legally) as  " Selectperson" or "Selectwoman?" It is 2017 after all.

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A human said...

We can start using Select Board now, abbreviated SB rather than BOS. Select person sounds weird to my ears, but how about select board member? Gender is baked into our language, because man is short for human, a gender neutral term. Ever hear the term huwoman? We clarify gender using "wo" and "fe", as in "wo"man and "fe"male. So, individually, we have a selectwoman on the select board but as a group, it is technically (and with the current Federal administration, politically) correct to use select-humans - shortened to selectmen. Because there is a woman on the select board, perhaps the best approach would be polite to ask her what term "s"he prefers - then use it.

Your blog uses select terms a lot - so will be looking for the changes you choose going forward. :-)