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Friday, April 21, 2017

BoS Meeting Highlights April 20th 2017

Chief Wetherbee came before the BoS to request a change in the vehicle type for the already approved  funding for a replacement cruiser.  The MPD has had the need for number of years to move equipment  such as barriers and other equipment, or hitch equipment to be moved,  and had to rely on the Fire or Highway Department . This can increase the time to get equipment to where it is need in case of accidents or as in the recent storm that caused down trees and power lines. He requested that the MPD purchase a Ford police equipped  F 150. There is no increased cost  and it will give the MPD greater flexibility. In addition, it doesn't change the fleet, it will function the same as any patrol vehicle.
The board approved the request unanimously.

There were eight tax deed properties that the BoS waived the deed per NH RSA 80:76 IIa.
 ( in part"..the governing body of the municipality may refuse to accept a tax deed on behalf of the municipality,....whenever in its judgment acceptance and ownership of the real estate would subject the municipality to undesirable obligations or liability risks,..") 

Community marketing was discussed, and the two firms in the past that expressed interest  will be invited to the May BoS work session. Josh Bartlett and Joel Mudgett were concerned about cost, and it was determined that the firms presentations would be informational only and a determination would later be made if a Request for Proposal (RFP)  would be forthcoming. Russ Wakefield was of the opinion that the effort was a waste of time and money.

The Lions Club property appraisal was approved,  and the RFP will be sent out to include at the suggestion of Russ Wakefield a complete highest and best use for the property.

Orientation package for new Town committee and board members was approved. It will include specific  aspects of the particular committee, right to know information and other pertinent statutes.

There was a discussion on a BoS LRPC liaison from the organizational meeting. Josh Bartlett at that meeting was appointed in my place to the LRPC as a BoS representative. I exchanged some emails this past week with Josh and Walter Johnson explaining that the BoS never had a liaison to the LRPC. I was appointed at my request to the LRPC as a commissioner by the BoS after the passing of then commissioner Herb Farnham. My term expired last fall, and I chose not to seek reappointment. The BoS then appointed Planning Board chair Scott Bartlett and re-appointed Barbara Perry as our two commissioners.

Post storm tree clean up continues, and once determination from FEMA is made and the insurance carrier finalizes their report, disposition of the lumber for sale will be made.

The Town continues to seek applications  for assessor,  planner and  a MPD officer.
There was a discussion of the July 4th parade and what is "appropriate"  for participants. Joel Mudgett thought there should be a policy in view of social or political issues. Chris Shipp thought the focus should be on safety issues. The decision was to look into what other towns have in terms of policies.
( My opinion is that trying to make a policy as to what is appropriate, in good or bad taste or to try to prevent people expressing their opinions on issues is a very slippery slope, and will in all likelihood lead to more problems, not less. Would the BoS seek to deny the Moultonboro Democrats from marching with a banner? Or local legislators marching with a campaign sign?)

Playground Drive DES permits are done and the DPW will be  doing most of the work to repair the softball field.

Rodeway Inn- MPD is monitoring the property. Workers are permitted on property so long as portable toilets are used. There are a number of unregistered vehicles that were left behind.

The Dollar General will  open around May 13th.

Public Safety parking lot repaving/rebuild Phase 2 will begin May 8th, weather permitting.


Anonymous said...

Is it a change of heart to not seize tax deeds from unfortunate peoples situations? Former administer gleefully told owners what the cost burden to reclaim their homes was to be. My home town was willing to make the 12% interest till it would work out. Now what about the people caught up in the past. Town should rebate past tax deed seizures. What are the odds?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to ad, kudos to present board for showing empathy to struggling home owners.

Anonymous said...

Unless I am missing something the BOS decided not to take a deed to these properties because some condition on the property could impose liability on the town and not out of the goodness of their respective hearts.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I did not get a chance to clarify this. I agree with anon at 7:43: - per the RSA accepting the tax deed"..would subject the municipality to undesirable obligations or liability risks, including obligations under real estate covenants or obligations to tenants, or for any other reason would be contrary to the public interest. Such a decision shall not be made solely for the private benefit of a taxpayer. "

Tax Collector said...

I would like to explain that the reason I asked the Selectmen to waive acceptance of the tax collector's deeds involving eight properties is due to the fact that seven of the properties are involved in litigation due to the Financial Resource Ponzi scheme. The other property is under a Payment Agreement. Please be advised that we cannot bring "empathy" into our decisions. We have taken an oath of office to uphold NH law. RSA 80:76 requires that I issue tax collector's deeds for nonpayment of taxes after two years from the execution of the real estate tax lien. It also authorizes the Selectmen to waive the deed under certain circumstances but specifically states, as pointed out by the blogger, that such a decision shall not be made solely for the private benefit of a taxpayer. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the process and the laws. Susette M. Remson, Certified Tax Collector.