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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Coming Soon: Moultonborough Chamber of Commerce

In an effort to put some energy in our local economic and business engine, I have started the process to put placeholders for two entities with the NH Secretary of State. The first is Moultonborough Chamber of Commerce and the second is the Moultonborough Business and Economic Development Council.
We are often a forgotten step child, overshadowed by the "Lakes Region" as a whole, and  towns such as Meredith and Wolfeboro.
Granted it may be a reach to get both these entities up an running anytime soon, but that is my goal.
Personally, my role will be one of organizer, at times instigator, and finally cheerleader for the Moultonborough business community. It is my hope that business owners throughout Moultonborough will take ownership of these organizations, and use them to help grow and enhance their businesses, create new jobs and be a catalyst for further economic growth.
Its going to take some time, but the timing is right. The Planning Board is just now beginning development of the Economic Development chapter of the Master Plan and a commercial node near the Center Harbor town line.
More to come on this. Stay tuned.


Tom Howard said...

As one of only two supporters of the Town's failed video project a couple of years ago (to the tune of a couple of thousand dollars), count me in on this effort. Who can find a Moultonborough business video on the Town website?

Joanne Farnham said...

Hi Joanne Farnham here, Think this is a great idea. Most towns have a group looking to bring more buisness into help with employment, tax relief etc. Count me in...