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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Our NH House Rep's Voted on the Budget

There were three votes on the NH budget yesterday in the  NH House and all three failed to pass. Its back to the drawing board today.

Vote number one ( House Finance Committee Budget) -Failed 134 Yea to 220 Nay

Cordelli: Nay
Crawford:Not voting/Excused
Marsh: Yea

Vote number two ( NH House "Freedom Caucus" seeking to reduce the budget by $200 million)- Failed 75 Yea to 282 Nay

Cordelli: Yea
Crawford: Not voting/Excused
Marsh: Nay

Vote number three ( Proposed by NH House Democrats) - Failed 162 Yea to 196 Nay

Cordelli: Nay
Crawford: Not voting/Excused
Marsh: Nay

So, not much in the way of agreement on any proposal. I read an interesting letter today in the local paper regarding the Belknap county budget The premise of the letter was that the purpose of a budget  is to provide services to the community, not just to cut spending by reducing those services. I agree with that and it would appear many in Concord do also.
There was a letter yesterday in the same paper wherein calling out our elected officials votes is akin to " attacking" them. The overuse of the word attack is partly to blame and is nothing more than rhetoric and a lazy way to argue a point. It is not only acceptable to vociferously disagree with elected officials, it should be encouraged. When I see votes and bills that go against my core values, as Rep. Cordelli and Comeau often do, I will call them out on it. If they see that as an " attack", then I strongly suggest they put on their big boy pants before they head off to the State House.

As to yesterday's votes, Rep. Cordelli's extremist views did not disappoint. He is a leading member of the NH House version of the Freedom Caucus whose mantra is cut, cut, and cut some more.
Rep. Crawford was not present to vote at all, so she did not represent her constituents in something as important as the state budget. Rep. Marsh is right in the middle, and I would only disagree with his vote on number three.

Should be an interesting day today in Concord.

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Tom Howard said...

Interesting vote tallies as the third version out-polled the first version. Seems that a few souls are willing to reach for that middle ground.