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Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No Property Taxes= No Vote?

Former republican NH State Senator Bob Clegg, at Tuesday's NH House Election Law Committee hearing on SB3 made an interesting and telling comment. SB3 is a controversial and complicated bill that would change the definition of domicile for purposes of voting in NH.

Clegg told the committee ( and the world) that college students shouldn't be allowed to vote in NH because they don't pay property taxes. Pretty clear evidence that the real motive behind SB3 is to supress the college student vote.
I for one am glad Clegg is no longer a State Senator. He must have missed the lesson in civics class in high school about the US Constitution.
The right to vote regardless of taxpayer status is guaranteed by the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Now if we could just get all those with the right to vote to actually vote...

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Fred Van Magness said...

OK, I understand your comments and concerns, including the desire to be more inclusive rather than restrictive. However, the real discussion on voting in local elections....not state or national elections....should be to provide ALL people the opportunity to vote on local issues. Today there is a gross total disenfranchisement of non resident TAXPAYERS who cannot vote on local budgets or leadership. There is no reason to exclude these people from voting....after all ,the great Boston Tea party....not the current Tea Party...was a clear protest about taxation without representation that I learned in Civic's Class. Yet today there still exists taxation without representation. So, to be totally inclusive as your note alludes, I assume you would be a strong supporter and maybe a proponent of any initiative to allow ALL local TAXPAYERS to vote on local issues and budgets, including special warrant articles and Town Meeting. After all, if we are allowing college students the opportunity to vote on how our local tax money is spent, why not allow those who actually PAY the taxes to vote as well? It would only require maybe some legislation and a special voter list that surely our election officials could easily handle. Up to now, the real suppression on voting is by excluding SOME taxpayers due to lack of residential status. If the goal is inclusion, then lets have real inclusion !!