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Friday, April 14, 2017

Selectmen April 13th Highlights. Rodeway Inn Issued Cease and Desist, Must Vacate by 12 Noon Today

CIPC appointments: Ed Harrington and Tom Howard were appointed as alternates. Fred Malatesta was appointed as a regular member.
Heritage Commission appointments: Ed Charest and Norm Larson  as regular members.

Town Policy # 2: In light of Town Meeting decision to rescind this policy ( recommended minimum for private roads), it was suggested that inquiries be referred to the standards outlined in the Zoning Ordinances.

Regional meeting of Select boards - Jeff Hayes of the LRPC provided copies of a survey they did among member towns for things they may be interested in working on jointly. The two top priorities amongst the attendees were health insurance and electricity. They agreed to work on cost savings associated with electricity by pooling electric usage needs. Next meeting will be early to mid May.

There are 4 Town Assessor candidates .

The Town is working with LRPC contacts as well as their own, to fill the open Town Planner position.

A crane is due in town Monday to help remove the trees on the Taylor property.  FEMA was here and the Town is working with the insurance company about the extensive storm damage. The Life Safety generator will cost $40K to replace and $18K to repair. The current unit is not as fuel efficient as the newer ones and also, modern generators are designed to withstand what caused the current one to fail. It was made clear that better surge protection would not have prevented the damage.

An RFP for signage for  the newly designated " Kraine Meadow" ( Play Ground Drive recreation area) will be forthcoming. There was a discussion of including in the RFP, a  Town sign for placement on the Taylor property, so that announcements, etc could be posted. It will not be electronic or out of character with the village.

The annual States Landing community clean up day will be May 13th 10am to 12 noon, with a  rain date of My 20th. It is likely that a  horseshoe pit will be the major project.

The last item of business, was about the Rodeway Inn. A cease and desist order has been issued to vacate the premises by noon Friday May 14th due to a long standing failure of the septic system. As it has not yet been repaired or replaced, the facility must close. There are other life safety issues as well.
The manager of the Rodeway was present and came forward to ask for permission for her and her children to remain there to keep an eye on things. She indicated that the owner is a foreigner, and does not have sufficient command of english to comprehend what has been going on.
She told the BoS that there are 28 rooms and that about 20 of them are occupied by people and families that are homeless and have no where else to go. A foreclosure sale was scheduled for May 5th,but the owner's sister paid the $20K needed to cure it.
While the units do not have kitchenettes and no hot plates are allowed, it was found that some were using them anyway as well as the provided microwaves. There a total of 12 children living there and a number of them attend Moultonboro schools. Ultimately, the BoS decided to support the decision of code enforcement and allow the cease and desist to go forward.
The residents recourse is against the owner and they can all apply for public assistance through our Human Services department. It is an unfortunate situation all around, but public safety is of prime importance and it is the responsibility of the ownership to bring the facility up to code.


Tom Howard said...

Signs, signs, everywhere signs! Before we add more signs within our village (and town-wide), let's review all existing signs for compliance with site plans (or lack thereof) and sign ordinances. Reader-boards in particular do not enhance the village atmosphere and have an innate ability to do a good impression of being permanent when often, in fact, they are (should be) "temporary" per our ordinances.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the sign at the Dollar General store? Too late for reviews of ordinances. The barn door has already been left open and the ugly cow is standing on the Dollar General lawn.

Tom Howard said...

Very interesting (ugly) sign. Looks like a sign that is designed for internal illumination that has been fitted with external illumination to be consistent with our ordinance? To boot, the parking lot lamps sure do cast a lot of light off-site; hopefully, all will be brought into compliance with the Planning Board approvals.