Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust?

At tonight's BoS meeting, it was announced that the Technical Review Committee reviewed the plans of the new owners for the Berry Pond property and the old Country Fare building at the intersections of Old 109 and RT 25. The new owners are planning on building a multi-commercial development ( no residential use) and in the process,  plan on razing all the buildings on the two lots.

According to Town Administrator Walter Johnson, the owners just could not find a way to re-purpose the old former Country Fare Inn Restaurant building in a manner that would be economically feasible. Where the building now sits would become mostly green space and parking according to the proposed plans.

The photos above are from old postcards. The property is just oozing with history, from a medical building, to a boarding house, to restaurants. It is very sad to learn that it may soon be nothing more then a memory.

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Anonymous said...

Sad! Was a beautiful old inn when I was growing up, my uncle owned the Country Fare and I have many fond memories of the place. My grandmother worked there daily. My first job was busgirl. My cousins grew up in the apartment on the second floor. The rooms of the Inn were rented out short term and some long term to various colorful characters in Moultonborough history. I hate to see it torn down but I know the last several owners destroyed and cannibalized the interior while allowing the exterior to deteriorate. The food was been terrible and it never made a comeback from the Inn days.