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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Carroll County Delegation Reviews Auditors Report

The Carroll County Delegation reviewed the focused audit that attempted to answer the most pressing questions that the Delegation had regarding the budget issues of the past few years. The video of the May 22nd meeting can be found here. The Delegation also reviewed the first quarter of 2017 financial reports.
There was no decision made as to whether to pose additional questions to the auditor or to delve into a deeper review of the numbers. They wanted time to digest the information provided. Judging by the questions asked which seemed to be focused on finding a " gotcha",  no smoking gun was found and the auditor expressed no concerns that anything was out of order.
Delegation chair McConkey ran a very good meeting in my opinion and took a far more positive approach then his predecessor, Karen Umberger who frequently took a negative and combative approach which in the end was non-productive.
McConkey went out of his way to compliment the county for its good work in preparing the budget and doing some good work the past few years. Clearly the addition of Ken Robichaud as the first Carroll County Administrator and Chuck Stuart as Finance Director has made a big difference in getting the county finances in order.
At the end of the meeting, the Delegation recognized Chuck Stuart who is retiring from the county at the end of May.

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