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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Heritage Commission to Meet On Site at Taylor Property Friday May 12th at 3:30PM

The Heritage Commission will hold a public meeting on site at the Taylor property tomorrow at 3:30 pm, to walk through the property and do a preliminary review of it's condition.
This is a public meeting even though it is a site visit,  and as such is open to anyone who wants to attend. It is a good opportunity for those interested to gain more intimate knowledge of the condition of this town owned property.


Tom Howard said...

Thank you for giving notice of this meeting MB. The very informative walk-through was not well attended, however; not sure how anyone interested in the discussion regarding the ultimate disposition of this building could make informed decisions without learning about the structure first-hand.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone can go to daytime sessions. Some people have obligations. It doesn't mean we don't care. Is there a recent report on the condition of the structure?

Fred Van Magness said...

I would not depend on a walkthrough to determine the ultimate disposition of any property. While I am sure that all Heritage Commission members are very good folks who have a passion for historical preservation (THANK YOU for your involvement) and would not want anyone to misinterpret the following, we do not have the ciriculum vitae's of the various members of the Heritage Commission, so it is impossible to judge the professional qualifications within the group to make a sound assessment of any structural issues that can be relied upon for future decisions. I still contend both the Hritage Commission and the town need a professional engineer's written opinion is a vital key to any assessment.