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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, May 5, 2017

NH House Approves Funding Full Day Kindergarten

SB 191 was approved Thursday by a roll call vote of 247 yea to 116 no.  Rep. Crawford and Rep. W. Marsh voted yea. Rep. Cordelli was not present and did not vote.
The bill now headed to the NH House Finance Committee,  would fund kindergarten full day programs at the full  per pupil base adequacy cost  of $3,636.06.  It eliminates kindergarten pupils counting as no more than half day attendance and eligible for only 1/2 the full per pupil cost, even in full day programs.  

This bill has no financial impact to the Moultonboro School District as it is not eligible for adequacy funding, but it will have a direct and positive impact to most  of  the school districts that have full day kindergarten. 
The bill contains no mandate for any district to have a kindergarten program, whether 1/2 day or full day or how to design the programs. 

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