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Friday, May 26, 2017

Off to Market?

Fred VanMagness Jr. and Meredith Warren of Lyric Consulting of Reading Massachusetts, came before the BoS at Thursday's work session, to present an overview of how they would go about marketing Moultonboro. They originally made a preliminary proposal to the town in February of 2016.
Question number one to the BoS was one that the town has had great difficulty in answering: what are the goals of a marketing plan? There has been no clear consensus on the answer to that question.

Mr. VanMagness stated that the first step in any marketing strategy is to come up with the master plan to guide the effort. He strongly advocated for involving all stakeholders in the effort to define the message and the hoped for outcome.
Chris Shipp made a good point in reference to the large number of people that don't want to do anything and want the town to remain exactly as it is. He said that for the town to stay the same, we have to do something, because it is changing. It's a bit Yogi Berra'ish, but the point is well taken. Moultonboro is not the same town it was 10 years ago and it won't be the same town in 10 years that it is today.  As Walter Johnson added, we can sit here and let it happen and let destiny take its course or we can control it.
Something that would be of great benefit to the town would be to unite in some coordinated way, the efforts of the Planning Board, Master Plan Steering Committee, the Selectboard and other key groups to learn about what each is working on and to coordinate the work toward some common goals. There are a lot of opportunities for synergy among these groups, but more importantly, it will go a long way to make certain that everyone is on the same page and marching to the same drummer.
Without this, we run the risk of creating numerous disparate plans with disjointed conflicting goals.


Eric Taussig said...

Before the Town makes any investment, I would suggest carefully reading the article appearing in the May 23, 2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal, entitled "Rural America is the New Inner City".

The article is available in the Library.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link that worked for me.


Anonymous said...

If we can make it just like mass it would make you happy it would be just like home

Anonymous said...

I am one of the people that likes the town the way it is or was. The plowing of all of the roads in town wasn't an issue ten years ago. We were less regulated at the town level back then, as well. The situation for Moultonborough is not as dire straights as the town in the article since one of the benefits of being somewhat a retirement community is many of the residents are not dependent on the job market for the household income. Although I am not a town native, I have been coming to Moultonborough my entire life (late 60ish). The lake was primarily blue collar/middle class in the 1950s through the 1970s. That changes with the real estate bubble of the 1980s. I don't think there were any landscaping companies in town back then.

Anonymous said...

Let's go back to 1963. Life was much better and simpler.


Eric Taussig said...

"Marketing" for what - More Dollar General's or the new replacement for Tedeschi, now called "Beer & Wine all Day".?? I do have to wonder?

Yes, with those type of entities we are well on our way to either being a new North Conway or worse. The Town is now a mixture of retirees and seasonal, plus locals that provide services. I don't hear too many complaints, except that by creating more congestion on Rte 25, we stab ourselves in the foot as the village area in MB is not going to be either a Wolfeboro or Meredith, as it is not on the lake and unlike Sandwich has not adhered to any sane zoning and development plan.

If we do rehab the village, lets think outside the box and as suggested have a comprehensive plan with a 3rd turning lane for the Village area to avoid congestion and to beautify if we do construct sidewalks. Forgetting that Rte. 25 is a through route, and the Village area is not a destination has to be predicate for any redevelopment.

Anonymous said...

Eric, if I recall correctly, the BoS sees this as a means to attempt to attract young families.

Anonymous said...

Why would a young family be enticed by a town that encourages drinking by allowing a store named "Beer & Wine all Day" on congested Rte 25? A real enticement!!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

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