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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Select Board to Bring Sidewalk Project to Capital Improvements Program Committee

The village sidewalk project, the outcome of the 2015 Town Meeting approval of article 30 which appropriated $85,000 for engineering, acquisition of rights of way or easements, legal costs, preparation of plans and specifications, and bidding to construct a sidewalk  along Route 25, with a crosswalk located approximately halfway between the library and the Central School. This was to be consistent with  Phase 1 (omitting segments S1A & S2A) of the Village Sidewalk Study dated Nov. 2013.
The BoS agreed at their work session last Thursday to bring the project to the CIPC for review and vetting. The BoS talked of this the past year when the preliminary report was presented by KV Partners in response to the 2015 Town Meeting vote. I argued that the BoS should own the project, as it is a critical piece of the village revitalization.
I'm glad the BoS decided to send this to the CIPC for a formal review. It's time to bring this well studied and planned project to voters next March and get this done.

The CIPC kick off meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 3rd at 2pm at Town Hall.


Anonymous said...

I hope there will be a separate warrant article for this project. Not everyone shares the Blogger's enthusiasm for this project. The Town Meeting was relatively peaceful this year. It might be time for another contentious one to get the attendance up.

Sidewalk Skeptic said...

I have to wonder about the project and the new Dollar General that will create more turning traffic (without a proper left turn lane) with a blinker that will ultimately be the Town's responsibility and a dubiously designed cross walk at that location.

Has the Sidewalk Study considered the impact of the DG Store?

Will the crosswalk be a safe crossing or a new danger for the few pedestrians that walk in the village?

Has anyone studied visitor behavior, because most people I see drive to the post office, then drive to the bank, then perhaps to Murphy's or to Arie's; then on to the library, etc. What my observations tell me is that we have loads of locals driving several hundred feet while in town, without parking and leaving their cars.

Neither the Post Office, banks, Murphy's or other stores, etc., provide parking for other than their own customers and would probably frown on any long term parking.

The only longer term lots available are at the Country Store (which is for patrons) and at the Library/Town Hall, which is often quite full and a good distance from the other stores, etc., particularly the Dollar General, which is likely to be a local traffic magnet.

The point of this comment is that in my view the entire sidewalk issue needs re-studying to determine how much it will be used, particularly in light to the Dollar General store, the danger of crosswalks, the lack of a municipal parking lot that is centrally located and the patronage of businesses by residents who want to walk from one local establishment to another.

With the Dollar General store at a very unfortunate location, without proper turning lanes, do we really want or need sidewalks that will be likely unused?