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Monday, May 1, 2017

Take a Deep Breath: Dollar General to Open in Two Weeks

Like it or not, the Dollar General store is due to open in just two weeks or so. We need to accept the fact that it is here, built, and soon to be stocked with a lot of every day items that many of us have to travel five or ten miles to purchase.
Yes there will be traffic coming and going, the yellow and black signs are not so much in the character of a New England village and across from the school is not the ideal location, but it exists and we need to co-exist.
I doubt the business model was directed at the needs of Moultonboro residents. The location on route 25 was probably the driver to get the necessary volume to make the location profitable.
For my household, it will be a convenient within walking distance alternative to driving to Center Harbor or Meredith for a few items we need. Local village businesses will see little negative impact as they each have their own niche. People will have a new reason to drive to the village and that may actually help the few local businesses already in town.
The addition of sidewalks, anathema to some, will make the village truly walk-able and improve accessibility to businesses.
Do we want another DG type business in town? I don't think so, but steps have been taken and continue to be taken, to guide development along a path that reflects what most seem to want. The Planning Board has worked hard to update the Master Plan, chapter by chapter and they now have some tools in their work bench to prevent unsightly development, particularly in the village node just created.
More work needs to be done and it will take time and effort, so  a shout out once again for the public to get involved is in order. Most are unaware of what goes on in town until something like the DG pops up. It is usually too late by then to do anything about it.
The message once again is to get involved and volunteer for your town. There will be public hearings on the Master Plan updates and there are always committees and boards that need members.
Check out the Town website for more information.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully a few people that could really use a new job, find a benefit from this business too.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, residents will boycott this store, which based upon other similar stores has over-priced and inferior products that can be obtained for lesser amounts at other retailers, or on-line.

As the decision to build was predicated upon some sort of economic study that assumed certain traffic would patronize the store, if that projection is not fulfilled, the store will fail and close. Just look at the retailers that are failing all across the country because of the overbuilding of strip malls. The inability to lease property in many parts of Town and the empty storefronts in Meredith, Sandwich and elsewhere is testimony to poor retailers decisions.

Make Moultonboro's DG Store a failure - Do Not Patronize it.

Anonymous said...

So if it fails as you want, then it would be a great place for a Community Center !!!!!!! Plenty of parking, NEW building, meets all of the town zoning, close to schools, sidewalks, crosswalks, etc. etc. Can't wait for all the town elected officials to choke on that one......

Anonymous said...

So many people agree that the town needs jobs, business, and more tax revenue. Once a business comes into town, MEETS every ordnance, etc .etc., created NEW jobs, new tax revenue and provides a service to folks, now you want to tell people not to patronize it ????? Really ??? Guess you can never fix stupid !

Anonymous said...

Frank Davis