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Sunday, May 21, 2017

"The Auditor will report to the Delegation a robust conversation to follow"

The Carroll County Delegation will meet tomorrow at 9am at the County Complex in Ossipee Monday morning May 22nd.  According to the agenda posted on the County website:

"9am Pledge of the Allegiance 
Opening comments by the Chairman 
Due to limited time, available for the Auditor discussion, the initial public input will be capped at five minutes.
The Auditor will report to the Delegation  a robust conversation to follow
Review the First Quarter 2017 Budget
Delegation appointment by the Chairman:
• Grant Review Committee
• Energy savings performance review committee
Fund transfer request
Public Input"

I suspect that the auditor's report will  indeed cause a "robust conversation" among some of the delegation,  as the report found no wrongdoing. I am certain Rep. Cordelli is disappointed that his witch hunt has been for nought.
The County Delegation last August  agreed to pay an auditor $20K to provide answers to a dozen questions put together by the county Finance Director and County Administrator to determine the reason for the 2015 county budget shortfall.

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