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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Capital Improvements Program Committee Hard At Work

The Capital Improvements Program Committee ( CIPC ) is off and running and starting the 2018 to 2023 Capital Improvements Program. Enid Burroughs is the new CIPC Chair. The tentative work plan for this cycle can be found here at this link.
At the May 3rd meeting, Town Administrator Walter Johnson presented an overview of the BoS decisions on the 2017 CIPC recommendations:

 Public Safety Parking Lot  $175,000 Approved; to be completed in FY17
 Facilities Energy Upgrades $ 75,000 Approved; to be completed (TBC)
 Lions Club improvements $ 50,000 BOS withdrew item
 Road Projects $850,000 TBC in 2017; all in Capital Reserve
 1 Plow & Sander $ 50,000 Approved
 Equipment trailer $ 20,000 Approved
 Fire Command vehicle $ 48,643 Approved – on order
 Con Com Purchase Lee’s pond $ 50,000 Not recommended pending more info
 Police – Crown Victoria replacement cruiser- $ 51,203 Approved
 Rehab Playground Drive ball field $75,000 Approved and completed
 State’s Landing $ 300,000 Approved ( Capital Reserve Fund)
 Replace 1 set of play equipment $ 75,000 Approved
 Bathrooms and Pavilion $ 3,500 Not submitted; DPW can complete in house.

The CIPC will next meet on Wednesday, May 17th at 8am at Town Hall.


Fred Van Magness said...

Thank you for this information. What I found missing when reviewing the minutes from the most recent meeting is that the Committee "agreed by consensus not to live stream the meetings just the public hearings." Since 9 future meetings, before the two potential public hearings, are scheduled to happen at 8AM in the morning when many residents are working and not able to attend, it seems to me that the committee should recognize their responsibility to ensure the voting public is fully informed of the rationale for all decisions, BEFORE the public hearings. Minutes can only provide so much information. What is important to hear first hand is the rationale by all presenting departments for any capital requests and to also understand why the CIPC votes on requests. I wonder if the next step in the process will be for the CIPC to limit public comment to 3 minutes. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Why did the BOS withdraw the improvements for the Lions Club? Are there any future plans for the building? It makes a perfect place for meetings, meals on wheels, and senior citizens. It could well replace the need for a community center which the BOS has been pushing for years. What are the plans and why?