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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Too Much Brush

There was a brief discussion at Thursday's BoS meeting about another post winter storm problem: the amount of brush that is accumulating at the transfer station and the problems it may be causing.
As the area has thawed out, people are cleaning up and it is piling up at the brush pile.
The skid steer being used to move brush around is having difficulty in the mud. In addition, there are issues with staffing as the town went back to burning brush last year.
This was brought to the attention of Selectman Bartlett by a transfer station employee, who brought it to the board so that Selectman Mudgett, who is the DPW liaison, could be aware of it.

It is entirely possible that since the move to single stream recycling last year and the reduction in staff, that there may be insufficient staff to manage the burning of brush. When the town went to single stream, it was contracting out chipping of the brush. Burning brush was not factored into the equation when single stream was implemented.

Another issue I have is the use of liaisons to manage department issues. The chain of command should always be the department head and then the Town Administrator. Bypassing this process by going to a selectman first and then passing it on to another selectmen to look into, goes back a bit to how things used to be handled and dilutes the authority and role of the TA. Walter needs to be confident that the BoS fully support and abide by the chain of command or it will fall apart. We even  had a few discussions last year about eliminating the liaison roles because of that concern.

 My last point is that any issue concerning the town that a selectman is made aware of should always come before the full board for decisions and resolution. No one selectmen is legally empowered to make any decisions on behalf of the town.

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