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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Visit to the Dollar General

Made my first visit to the Dollar General in Moultonboro this morning and was pleasantly surprised in a number of ways. They do stock a lot of common everyday items and ( so far) very good prices and there is good variety of things to choose from in a rather large interior. There were other customers, including a few MA students and even a school bus driver.
There is a thread on the Winnipesaukee Forum that began in 2015 and the latest comments are mostly negative and some downright silly, like when the store fails it would become the new Moultonboro Rec center and which selectman would it be named for. One even made an idiotic pun using a play on a current selectman's name.
We will shop there frequently and I am sure many other will as well,  and I predict the seasonal crowds and pass through traffic will find it to be a very convenient location.
It's interesting that some will continue to tell us that only seasonal businesses can survive in this area, but here we have a new business that brought some year round jobs. increased tax revenue and fills a shopping niche.

I say best of luck to the owners and I wish them great success.


Anonymous said...

Just tried to pass by the store going east on 25 in time to watch a car trying to turn into the store get almost rear-ended. Then going back to the Neck Road had to wait 3 to 4 minutes while traffic coming out of Blake Rd and conflicting with the DG entry.

As far as I'm concerned, all this new store has created is a new traffic impediment and a series of accidents waiting to happen.

I do want to thank the BoS and Planning Board for giving us this new pain in the neck!!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Please be aware that the BoS had nothing to do with the coming to town of the Dollar General. The BoS have no say in the matter. Your assertion is completely without merit.
I also thank the Planning Board, for doing a good job, insisting on many conditions to mitigate the impact of this new business on the village.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. The BoS has the ability to ask the State DOT to provide for left turn lanes, especially if the Planning Board recommends them. Neither happened. Shame on both entities for allowing for a significant safety hazard that will bedevil the Town until the issue of left turn lanes on Rte 25 is addressed.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The planning board did not recommend left turn lanes and any alterations to RT 25 were with the review and consent of NH DOT, including the cross walk and the soon to come flashing light. Should we put left turn lanes to the post office, Murphys and all the banks? They are much more of a safety hazard at times.

Eric Taussig said...

I just read the comments of the Blogger and the two anonymous commentators regarding the failure of the Town to insist that the State DOT construct left turn lanes at Blake Rd as a condition for approval of the Dollar General Store. I agree with both Anonymous commentators as well as the Blogger. I also wonder why as part of the effort to rehab the village area the Town (which in my opinion includes both the Planning board and BoS) can’t think and plan in a larger context, both with regard to sidewalks and safety considerations to address the needs of the village area for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

In my view, before any sidewalks, more cross walks or other changes are made, the Town should consider a more comprehensive plan for the Village area that includes a third turning lane from the east entrance of the elementary school through the intersection with Old Rte. 109. Patching the problems with blinker lights and paint for a cross walk or two is not a solution.

Having a repaved three lane Rte. 25, with attractive curbs, sidewalks and cross walks would go a long way to improving the ambience of the village area. If the State and Town can’t get federal or state aid for such a project, then perhaps the Town needs to help establish a special village taxing district for village improvements that the businesses that reside their will benefit from. In my view, anything less will be a total waste, particularly in light of the new proposals for a redevelopment of the Country Fare property, the proposal for a Village Green on the Taylor property, etc.

Anonymous said...

I want to provide the following info in support of Mr. Taussig's suggestion. My relatives had property at Hampton Beach for decades. The was/is a beach precinct tax.

From the Hampton website:

Hampton’s 2016 tax rate has also been set at $16.08 and with the use of the equalization ratio we can determine Hampton’s tax rate if equalized to 100% of market value. (a/k/a effective tax rate).

Hampton has two additional tax rates that raise money to fund the Hampton Beach Village District. Those rates for 2016 are $16.82 for commercial and rental properties in the Precinct, and $16.15 for single family/non-rentals in the Precinct (currently property owners are required to apply yearly for the “Precinct Exemption”).