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Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Affordable Hearing Aid Bill Opposed by Conservative Groups. Winner of The First Idealogracy Award

A bipartisan bill to allow access to less expensive hearing aids, costing in the range of a few hundred dollars  versus expensive prescribed devices currently cost upward of $2,500, sounds like a good deal. It will help countless people with hearing deficits that can't afford the very expensive models to have access to better hearing. 
I can understand opposition from the professional audiology organizations and physicians, but surprisingly, there are two organizations spending a lot of money to see that this bill never gets passed. 
Two conservative groups have launched campaigns attacking  the legislation, including it's conservative sponsors. Frontiers for Freedom and Gun Owners of America are the two groups. 
Gun Owners of America  claimed it would hurt hunters who purchase devices that help them hear better while hunting, but later withdrew opposition after the bill was amended to not include amplification devices.
Frontier for Freedom has spent approximately $100,000 in ads claiming that the bill would  “eliminate states' rights, expand the size and power of the federal government, resulting in higher prices for consumers. ”  The Consumer Technology Association ( which supports the bill) said that the bill does none of those things.
So there you have. A good bill, bipartisan sponsors, liberals and conservatives in rare agreement and get this: the public actually wins. The Frontiers for Freedom is spending money opposing it because .....??
 Congratulations to the Frontiers for Freedom as the inaugural winners of this prestigious virtual award. Well done.

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Anonymous said...

This is shameful. We need hearing aids. We need digital hearing aid that don't just amplify sound but clarify quality of sound. Those aids are very expensive and not covered by insurance. Most seniors need these kind of aids. And believe or not some young and mid aged adults need them also. I am so grateful to have the aids that I do so I can function in the world yet still I struggle. How any political organization or some idiotic conservative group could or would spend money against this is beyond my comprehension. This disturbs me beyond my understanding. I worked with so many seniors that were in such need of aids yet could not afford the ones that would really help them hear and comprehend.